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Latest Articles

Your Cloud Went Down ... Now What?

Posted on 5/18/2020
As we move from a world where cloud is adopted in an ad hoc way to one where the cloud is IT, we need to rethink its surrounding support infrastructure, and the responsibility model associated with it.

Distributing to Scale: Predicting the Cloud of the Future

Posted on 5/18/2020
Hyperscale clouds aren't going away anytime soon, however, we should see more and more applications take a multi-cloud approach to their deployments. It will be hyperscaler and distributed cloud, not hyperscaler or distributed cloud.

Omdia Provides Recommendations to IT Decision-makers

Posted on 5/7/2020
Omdia, Informa's research arm, recently released a report giving recommendations to IT decision-makers in the face of COVID-19

Data Centers: Engines of the New Normal

Posted on 5/4/2020
The question is, once the crisis has passed, will people go back to the ‘old’ way of doing things? Or will the convenience, immediacy and cost benefits of digital alternatives have been proven to such an extent that they become the new normal?