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Latest Articles

Making the Complex Simple: New Demands for Edge Environments

Posted on 4/23/2019
The key for organizations becomes not simply adopting edge solutions, but identifying the ones that reduce complexities and headaches.

Eight Key Steps to Create a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted on 4/23/2019
Despite the steep cost of unplanned downtime, many companies don’t have a plan other than reacting once it happens.

Combating Stranded Power in the Data Center

Posted on 4/15/2019
Knowing what causes stranded power in the data center and taking measures to prevent it can save money and power.

Five Simple Safety Best Practices for Data Centers

Posted on 4/15/2019
Safety considerations and potential hazards in today’s data centers are far reaching. However, there are simple safety best practices that you could employ to mitigate and/or control hazards while also strengthening your safety culture.