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How Important Is Location When Choosing a Data Center?

Posted on 6/24/2019
Companies need to strike a balance between location being an important component of choice, and making it the only concern when looking for a data center provider.

When Is It Safe to Ignore an End-of-Life Notice?

Posted on 6/24/2019
If the original manufacturer is no longer in business due to acquisition or closing, you need to determine where your lifeline and support is going to be procured.

Using Modular Server Enclosures to Recover Stranded Power

Posted on 6/18/2019
Hector Diaz says he has seen a large corporation struggle with running out of space in its brand-new flagship data center, preempting it them from deploying enough IT infrastructure to support growth plans. The solution to procure space from colocati

​Potomac Chapter Names Summer Interns - Aims to Fill Skills Gap

Posted on 6/17/2019
AFCOM's Potomac Chapter recently named the recipients of its summer internships with the hope of shaping talented and skilled data center workers of the future.