ACE for AFCOM: Leadership by Influence Program

AFCOM is committed to helping build stronger leaders in the data center

AFCOM's 2020 State of the Data Center Report shows opportunities for new leaders: “Leaders in the space are pulling out all the stops when it comes to recruiting and investing in good people.”

2021 Data Center Leadership Trends show:

  • The next generation of data center leaders need better skills to plan, develop, deploy, and manage successful strategies.
  • Frontline operators, engineers, and architects are helping change the way data centers are built and need to learn how to share that knowledge.
  • The longstanding divide between IT professionals and facilities operators requires authentic leaders to help bridge the gap.
  • They need to learn how to develop a broader and more valuable resource of contacts to become influencers.
  • Learning how to develop soft skills in addition to frontline skills is key to gaining others’ trust and inspiring others to action.
  • Negotiation skills are essential in the vendor and service provider partnerships.
  • A new generation of data center professionals must learn how to get their voice heard in order to share their innovative ideas.
  • Frontline architects and engineers can stand out by learning how to better develop, and trust in, their decision-making skills.

To meet these needs of building successful leaders among our AFCOM community, AFCOM has partnered with AchieveUnite to develop ACE for AFCOM: Leadership by Influence program, to help you build the leadership skill needed to be more successful within your role in the data center.  This program is designed to help busy professionals become better business leaders by honing strong soft skills, emotional intelligence and learn how to collaborate better across teams, organizations, customers and partnerships.  Click here to see how the ACE program meets these leadership trends to help you be a more successful leader.

Using a "flipped classroom" approach, participants complete assignments prior to each week's discussion, transforming the live meetings into a space where participants assimilate new knowledge from one another and apply it to real-life situations, all under the direction of a skilled instructor. 

Topics that will be discussed during the 8-week course are:

  • How to be an Authentic Leader
  • Inspiring Others to Action
  • Harnessing Your Strengths and Building Your Brand
  • Influence and Negotiation
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Getting Your Voice Heard

Final Session – Developing a personalized Project Roadmap to deliver business performance and help achieve career goals. 

The normal cost for the program is $2,250.  Our AFCOM community receives a 10% discount and AFCOM membership for one-year (a $325 value).  If you are currently an AFCOM member, your membership will be extended for one-year from your current expiration date once your registration has been processed.

Click the "Register Today" button below to see what dates are currently available and use discount code AFCOM21 at checkout to receive your discount. 
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Click here to view what other professionals are saying about AchieveUnite and their ACE: Leadership by Influence program experience.

Opportunities are also available to offer ACE for AFCOM: Leadership by Influence for your organization.  Please contact AFCOM Association Manager with any questions or for additional details.