Joining AFCOM is a commitment to your professional development as a data center and IT infrastructure professional.  Not only will AFCOM membership benefit you but it will also benefit your company and the greater data center industry worldwide.  AFCOM is the leading and longest-standing association in the data center industry.  For over 40 years, AFCOM has been advancing the careers of data center and IT professionals, working diligently to help its members meet the growing demands facing our industry.  

Regardless if you are in sales, marketing, IT, operations, facilities, risk or design, a membership helps you stay current on industry information and trends to deliver ROI to your company while also improving your job performance, training and leadership development.

As a member of AFCOM, you have access to a variety of resources and a valuable trove of research and information that will help you make smarter technology and purchasing decisions for the data center.  A few of these benefits include:

  • Educational webinars produced and presented by leading subject matter experts
  • Leaders Labs workshops and resulting industry whitepapers
  • Industry market research studies and webinars provided by our global market research partner Omdia
  • Subscription to The AFCOM Journalproduced three times annually, providing focused, next-level insight on issues raised by members of the AFCOM community
  • Weekly Inside the Box newsletter keeps members informed about the latest industry news, innovative ideas and emerging technologies

In addition to those resources, one of the most valued benefits of AFCOM members are the networking opportunities available with their local communities as well as access to the industry's smartest and most innovative people in the data center industry nationwide.

  • Local AFCOM chapters are located across major metropolitan areas in the United States, Canada and Australia, allowing members to connect to experts in their local data center communities.
  • AFCOM members also receive exclusive discounts to attend Data Center World annual conference and expo, connecting them with industry peers who share technology and business challenges, to experts with answers to questions and technology providers with solutions for their enterprise.

What Industry Leaders are Saying

"AFCOM is a great place to not only find peers, but to make lasting and meaningful contacts and relationships whether you are bouncing ideas around, evaluating technology, looking for talent, or anything else surrounding the data center industry, between the local events and the national, it is well worth your time.  For me, I have found everything listed above in my AFCOM peers.  My industry knowledge has grown and continues to do so.  These are honestly some of the most amazing folks in our industry and everyone is genuinely willing and eager to help you grow. Other programs and benefits continue to evolve under the AFCOM umbrella.   

AFCOM is a wonderful place to give back to the student community and I was fortunate enough to be able to start a women in data centers group through my contacts here at AFCOM. We have been able to work alongside other organizations like Infrastructure Masons to support veterans, women, D&I and student outreach to grow interest in joining the industry while providing scholarships and other opportunities to connect, grow and give back."
- Carrie Goetz, Principal/CTO, StrategITcom, LLC

I have been an AFCOM member since 1997.  I would like to share the benefits that have advanced my career the most while attending AFCOM national conferences, local chapter meetings, education and networking. 

  • AFCOM Data Center World provides educational sessions along with networking, which allowed me to get the education and change careers from technology to data center management.

  •  Myself as well as many other industry peers have found jobs via our networking with AFCOM peers.

  • Local Chapters have been great for continuing education and networking with local end users and share lessons learned. To me it is the equivalent of a Masters or PhD if I went back to school. Having the ability to meet and talk with industry leading vendors on what the current and upcoming technologies are and gaining an understanding of them.

When I switched careers from technology to data center management, I would call my local and national AFCOM peers and vendors sometimes 2-3 times a week asking questions and advice. They always provided great advice or referred me to someone else who could. Another great benefit with AFCOM is when considering to implement a new technology or tool, within my AFCOM network I can usually find someone who is already using it and I can set up meetings with their team to ask questions that help me make the correct decision on adopting or not."
- John Parker, Disaster Recovery and Global Data Center Operations Management, ESRI

Now is the time to join a community of your peers at AFCOM.  Are you ready to commit to your career development and Join Today?