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AFCOM Oklahoma Virtual Meeting | Marketing for IT Orgs

AFCOM Oklahoma Chapter | Quarterly Summit | Internal and External Marketing for IT Organizations

Matthew Maennche, CEO for vCMO, works with organizations around the world who sometimes struggle to market both internally or externally. You can connect with him on LinkedIn @

Externally, IT plays a substantial role in the marketing message and may be a decision point for large clients and investors. Let's face it, what client or investor wants to trust a company with a haphazard, poorly run, dilapidated data center? Not many!

The marketing role has changed and no longer is it enough to just market for new customers. Internally, business units and employees are struggling to connect with the IT role and maybe disconnected completely due to pandemics and riots.

Mathew is a sucker for good puzzles, as life has many of these. He believes himself to be an eternal optimist (most of the time). He strongly believes where there is a will there is most definitely a way. His Objective is to WIN!

Long Story:
Over the past 20 years he's been:
++Owner/Manager of a Mobile DJ Service
++Owner/Manager of a Satellite Installation Company
++Vice President of Operations for a Security Company
++Owner/Manager of a General Contracting Firm (Homebuilder / Remodeler)
++Owner/Manager of a Software Development Firm
++Chief Operating Office of a Development/Marketing Firm
++Owner/Manager of a virtual CMO Consulting Firm

These are the notable professional achievements. With each success he's had just as many failures but for him it is not really about the number of failures he's endured, as it is these failures that teach us and it is that wisdom that makes the next win that much sweeter.

The meeting will be held via Zoom on Meetup.  Click the button below to register and for additional information.

1/12/2021 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM