AFCOM Quebec - MAY 2, 2017

AFCOM Quebec - MAY 2, 2017
5h00-6h00 Reseautage - Networking
6h00-6h30 Conference #1 - Interstitial Systems - William Collier 

Presenter Bio : 
As founder and owner of Interstitial Systems, William Collier has had extensive experience since 1972 in the Data Center and Trading Floor industries. In particular, he has designed, developed, and installed a number of specialty raised floors and lighting systems that overcame what others had considered unsolvable problems. He has focused his attention on developing a fully integrated electromechanical distribution system that has a unique raised-floor structure as its nucleus. The two requirements he set for himself in creating this design were user friendliness and energy efficiency.

Presentation Summary : 
Data Centers have been moving to overhead cabling, primarily because of the numerous practical problems created when cables are distributed under conventional, single level raised floors. Overhead cabling is fraught with its own serious and costly problems. A comprehensive understanding of the comparative advantages and disadvantages of optimal under floor cabling versus overhead cabling will give the viewer helpful information to consider when faced with the decision of which methodology to use.  An alternative solution that solves all of the problems associated with under floor cabling provides a dedicated, under floor environment for optimal, flexible wire management is also discussed.
6h30-7h00 Reseautage - Networking
7h00-7h30 Conference #2 - Vertive - Claude Gadoury

Presenter Bio : 

À l’emploi de Vertiv Canada (Anciennement Liebert Canada) depuis maintenant 10 ans, j’ai été impliqué de près ou de loin dans la conception et l’implantation des infrastructures de refroidissement des plus grands centre de données construits au Québec et ailleurs. J’ai étudié le génie mécanique de marine au sein de la Marine Canadienne avec une spécialisation en propulsion vapeur.
Presentation Summary : 

Discussion sur les Méthodes de refroidissement des centres de données  Tout comme les équipements informatiques et les technologies qui leurs sont reliées, les équipements de support de centres de données sont aussi en constante évolution. La discussion d’aujourd’hui portera sur les méthodes de refroidissement les plus récentes et leurs applications respectives ainsi que les avantages et désavantages que ceux-ci comportent. Aussi, vu la nature de notre marché au Québec, il y aura un volet ‘’Colo’’ qui sera abordé.

7h30-8h00 Reseautage - Networking
5/2/2017 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
475 Avenue Du President-Kennedy Hotel Delta Montreal Salle Ravel Montreal, QC H3A 1J7

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