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5G Is Here: Super Speed Makes Global Debut at Olympic Games

Posted on 2/20/2018
5G, the fifth-generation wireless network, is making its worldwide debut at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

A $60, One-year Investment Turns Into Global Social Platform

Posted on 2/20/2018
Founded by three young women, it took just a $60, one-year investment to get global social platform off the ground.

Setting the Standard for Data Center Operations

Posted on 2/20/2018
Joseba Calvo, managing partner at certification training and auditing company EPI-AP, will address the complex data center standards and certification landscape at Data Center World.

Chinese Military Strategy Bring Success Against Cyber Criminals?

Posted on 2/12/2018
Henry J. Sienkiewicz, Chief Innovation and Revenue Officer, Secure Channels, will present his keynote address, “The Art of Cyber Conflict,” at Data Center World.

​DCI Board on Diversity in the Workplace

Posted on 2/12/2018
We asked DCI board members: How do you define diversity, and what is your company doing to promote diversity and prepare for a possible talent shortage in the future?

Comparing Top Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Posted on 2/5/2018
Things are changing rapidly in the hyper-converged infrastructure space. Here’s what you need to know today.

Data Center Design: Which Standards to Follow?

Posted on 2/5/2018
Revenues from liquid cooling products in data centers are forecast to grow 40 percent in 2014, according to a recent study by IHS.

For Your Reading Pleasure ...

Posted on 1/29/2018
Here were last week’s five top-selling networking and cloud computing books on

Supporting AI Workloads in the Data Center

Posted on 1/29/2018
Artificial intelligence (AI) is promising to revolutionize the way we do business. How should data center professionals prepare to support it?

Northern Virginia Attracts Biggest of Cloud Providers

Posted on 1/29/2018
Late last year, Google announced a major data center capacity expansion in Northern Virginia, the largest and by many accounts most important data center market in North America.