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Past newsletters have featured articles including:

  • IT Infrastructure Predictions for 2016
  • Is Your Organization Ready for Application and Desktop Virtualization?
  • Five Ways to Increase Data Center Resilience
  • The Impact of Emerging Data Rates on Layer One Fiber Cabling Infrastructure
  • The whole package: Is parcel protocol right for your data transfer needs?
  • What Senior Execs Must Know about Enterprise Data Center Strategy
  • The Year That Was in the Data Center

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Trends Driving the Need for Micro Data Centers

"The Energizer Bunny for Data Centers: Microgrids - a Panel" will take place at the upcoming Data Center World - Global 2017 - in Los Angeles.

ViaWest: How Cloud Computing Alters Data Center Design

ViaWest's Dave Leonard believes a facilities or colocation provider should engineer adaptability into its design in order to adapt what it offers customers to correspond with changes in their consumption profiles.

Data Centers and IoT: There's No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Chris Crosby, CEO of Compass Datacenters, will present "Data Centers and IoT: There's No Such Thing As a Free Lunch" at Data Center World on April 4.

Cabling Designs for Hyperconvergence

This whitepaper from CABLExpress discusses: The impact of evolving data center topologies, converged infrastructure and Apache Hadoop clusters and the growing proliferation of hyperconvergence.

Can Your Company Endure an AWS-size Outage?

The recent AWS outage caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses to its customers. How can you minimize the effect of downtime on your business? Data Center World can help.

Five Things I'm Looking Forward to at Data Center World

As Data Center World gets closer, the team at Data Center Knowledge is gearing up for one of the year’s biggest data center conferences on April 3-6 in LA. Here are a few things Editor-in-Chief Yevgeniy Sverdlik is looking forward to.

Data Center World - Dallas Presentations

Review some of the presentations from Data Center World - Dallas, a local event held at AT&T Stadium on Feb. 22.

Data Center World Team Takes the Field at AT&T Stadium

No one wore helmets or pads, but Data Center World - Dallas tackled some of the most challenging issues for IT professionals in this one-day event at AT&T Stadium.

Data Center Construction 101 for IT People Only

There are innumerable writings addressing data center build vs. buy. Unfortunately, service providers with an agenda are producing most of them. Here is some straight talk based upon strategy work with hundreds of data center owners.

Tech Primer: Clarity on Containers

In the year ahead, expect for IT departments ti finally come to a greater understanding of container technology and how it can realistically and appropriately be used for IT operations alongside virtual infrastructure.