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Omdia market research and forecasts for increasing understanding of data center operations, management, efficiency, and the overall IT ecosystem.

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The OCP will disrupt semiconductor development

Posted on 11/18/2021
Reflects on the most notable announcements and initiatives at the OCP Summit 2021. The semiconductor innovation was impressive, ranging from software-defined memory to new initiatives for faster networking, AI computing, and liquid cooling in data ce

Data Center Risk Assessment: A Decision-making Tool

Posted on 7/22/2021
Risk management is a key aspect of data centers due to their mission-critical nature and our increasing reliance on them. Risk assessment helps us understand the risks that data centers face, enabling strategies and decision-making.

Omdia Universe: Selecting an AIOps Solution, 2021-22

Posted on 7/2/2021
AI is becoming a significant part of many different activities IT perform. AIOps is the application of AI in the IT operational activities. This report assesses 11 of the leading solutions.

Market Landscape: DCIM and Why it is Still Important in a Cloudy World

Posted on 6/28/2021
The infrastructure that supports the delivery of business services holds data that if used correctly can ensure an organization is efficient and environmentally sustainable. This report looks at DCIM and its characteristics.

Data Centers: Energy Consumption is all About Workloads

Posted on 6/11/2021
Omdia highlights the importance of understanding workloads and their management, their impact on energy consumption, the physical environment of data centers, and the formulas to quantify it.

2021 Trends to Watch: Data Center Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Posted on 3/3/2021
Understanding the environmental impact of is becoming a critical C-Suite activity, and the data center for most organizations represents the biggest contributor to their carbon footprint.

VIDEO - The New Compute Ecosystem

Posted on 1/1/2021
The edge represents a $72 B opportunity. To capitalize on this opportunity, companies will have to overcome the challenge of managing the edge.

New Compute Ecosystem - From Cloud to Edge Report 2021

Posted on 12/22/2020
Explore the shift to edge, with an in-depth analysis of data center IT and the approach to physical infrastructure. Assess the challenges, opportunities, and understand the equipment needed to support data requirements.

The AIOPs, DevOps and Cloud Management IT Ecosystems & Operations Market Disruptors

Posted on 10/30/2020
The vendor solutions highlighted in this report are focused on addressing different parts of these challenges and demonstrate that while IT ecosystem management is possible, it remains fragmented and the user is responsible to integrate it into a com

Making the Cloud a Commercial Success for Telcos

Posted on 10/30/2020

Computing from Cloud to Edge

Posted on 9/29/2020

Omdia's Hyperconverged Infrastructure Decision Matrix

Posted on 8/7/2020

Omdia Revises Server Revenue Forecast - 2020

Posted on 8/7/2020

2020 Trends to Watch - Data Center Technologies

Posted on 8/7/2020