Physical Infrastructure/Facilities

Omdia market research and forecasts for increasing understanding of data center facilities operations, including power, cooling, airflow, environmental controls, and physical enclosures.  Topics include:

  • Backup Power (UPS)
  • IT Enclosures (Racks, Containers)

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Smart Grid Ready UPS for an Even More Sustainable Data Center

Posted on 8/13/2021
Smart grid ready UPS and energy storage systems contribute to more efficient and sustainable energy use and to system flexibility, enabling the integration of variable renewable energy resources.

Data Centers: Energy Consumption is all About Workloads

Posted on 6/11/2021
Omdia highlights the importance of understanding workloads and their management, their impact on energy consumption, the physical environment of data centers, and the formulas to quantify it.

Immersion cooling is heating up

Posted on 4/21/2021
It is becoming increasingly likely that we see immersion cooling move into larger scale commercial deployments with more vendors entering the market and large end-users looking to deploy immersion cooling to decrease DC power consumption.

Data Center Physical Infrastructure at the Edge - 2020

Posted on 12/24/2020
This analysis covers the edge computing physical infrastructure market with a focus on physical infrastructure hardware and software, use cases, emerging vendors, physical infrastructure designs for edge deployments.

New Compute Ecosystem - From Cloud to Edge Report 2021

Posted on 12/22/2020
Explore the shift to edge, with an in-depth analysis of data center IT and the approach to physical infrastructure. Assess the challenges, opportunities, and understand the equipment needed to support data requirements.

COVID-19 impacts uninterruptible power supply (UPS) market

Posted on 8/7/2020

COVID-19 derails the IT rack and enclosure market

Posted on 8/7/2020

COVID-19 sends the global rPDU market into a 3.3 percent decline in 2020

Posted on 8/7/2020

Omdia Market Radar: Container Management Platforms 2018-19

Posted on 8/7/2020