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Omdia analysts contribute to industry-leading events globally, including many of the 250 events and conferences held annually across the Informa Tech network, including AFCOM's partner event, Data Center World.  

In addition to covering market research and trends, Omdia’s team of analysts also provide live and on-demand webinars - which are available to AFCOM members with our Omdia partnership.  Uncover the latest market developments and trending topics impacting business decisions globally.

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On-Demand Webinars

Omdia Webinar - Why the most efficient data centers use open computing solutions

Posted on 5/25/2021
Open Compute Project (OCP) technologies enabled a rise in data center efficiency and cost savings. It is perhaps no surprise that a third of servers shipped in 2020 included an OCP specification.

Omdia Webinar - Supercharge your data center with a programmable network

Posted on 5/20/2021
Proving the maxim that “less is more,” data center operators are centralizing network functions on a chip to achieve efficiencies, cost savings, and extensive operability. Tune into this webinar to hear about use cases for DPUs and the benefits of of

Omdia Webinar - Optimize IIoT with wireless asset monitoring and energy harvesting

Posted on 4/27/2021
With wireless asset monitoring, manufacturers can transform legacy equipment into smart devices – significantly improving cost savings. Watch this webinar to find out how wireless asset monitoring, combined with energy harvesting, is paving the way t

Omdia Webinar - Harnessing streaming data integration to become a data-driven enterprise

Posted on 4/8/2021
Many companies today are turning inward to collect data on their own operations, products, and services, and then using the insights they glean from this data to improve their capabilities. Join this webinar to learn how a modern data architecture ca

Omdia Webinar - The edge: From hype to promise

Posted on 3/25/2021
Operators are keen to push cloud services to the edge to improve the enterprise customer experience. This webinar looks at the edge cloud opportunity from the operator’s perspective, including a discussion of edge cloud applications that promise to b

Omdia Webinar - The Future of Work Starts with Mobility

Posted on 3/23/2021
Remote and mobile working—while accelerated by COVID-19—is here to stay. Watch this webinar to discover how businesses can improve security and employee productivity by implementing new workplace mobility approaches, technologies, and people practice

Omdia Webinar - Managing partner ecosystems for 5G monetization

Posted on 3/17/2021
Join this webinar to learn about monetization opportunities that 5G will bring for B2B2X business models, the IT and business requirements needed to support and manage a complex partner ecosystem and use cases of partner ecosystem management.

Omdia Webinar - Modernize your OSS/BSS with cloud-native IT

Posted on 3/9/2021
Attend this webinar to learn about the drivers and requirements of OSS and BSS modernization. We will explore the cloud-native journey that CSPs need to undertake to deliver on the promise of agility, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Omdia Webinar - Insights & actions to drive agility in the contact center

Posted on 3/4/2021
Attend this webinar to get complimentary planning guidance for 2021. This advice is based on a 2020 enterprise management “never again list” that we compiled from our discussions with contact center managers. We will provide an overview of how new an

Omdia Webinar - Future-forward customer experience: Six telco predictions for 2021

Posted on 2/25/2021
Join us for this webinar during which we will explore the most pertinent advances, trends, and predictions that will impact CX in the telco industry in 2021—and beyond.

Omdia Webinar - What's next for data center firewalls?

Posted on 1/26/2021
Led by Eric Parizo, Omdia Senior Analyst, Cybersecurity Accelerator Join this webinar to learn about the evolution of data center firewall platforms, key architectural and functional changes, the benefits for enterprises, and the most important c

Omdia Webinar - Addressing fiber network challenges to deliver 5G

Posted on 12/15/2020
Led by Ian Redpath, Omdia Practice Leader The acceleration and expansion of 5G launches worldwide are driving massive fronthaul requirements. This webinar discusses the industry pain points and lessons learned in fiber deployment and connectivity.

Omdia Webinar - 400G and Beyond: Driving Next Generation Data Centers

Posted on 12/9/2020
Led by Lisa Huff, Omdia Senior Principal Analyst 400G is accelerating the data center evolution. The landscape has started shifting away from 100G as operators realize the need for 400G and upgrade their data centers at speed. Join this webinar to

Omdia Webinar - Unleashing SD-WAN as a Service

Posted on 11/18/2020
Led by Clifford Grossner, Omdia Senior Director, Cloud & Data Centre In recent years, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has taken off, providing a step up in enterprise networking. What’s next and how does the future enterprise WAN ne

Omdia Webinar - How telcos can monetize their edge-to-cloud services

Posted on 11/1/2020
Led by Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, Enterprise IT, Omdia Discover new opportunities across the fast-growing multi-cloud world and emerging technologies from AI to edge computing. This webinar explores how the telco industry is evolving and deliveri