Vendor Analyses

In addition to covering market research and trends, Omdia’s team of experts in the Cloud and Data Center Research Practice also provide vendor analyses to help inform purchasing and technology implementation decisions.

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Data Center Storage Quarterly Analyst Presentation - 2Q21

Posted on 10/13/2021
Presents highlights from the quarter for data center traditional storage and software-defined storage markets, including market growth, category splits, vendor share, and key SDS and external-to-server storage vendor announcements.

DC Networking & Automation Quarterly Analyst Presentation - 2Q21

Posted on 10/6/2021
Presentation from analyst call where we cover big picture events driving the data center networking and automation markets in the long term, specific events that were interesting during the period, and recent report findings.

Omdia Universe: Selecting a Cloud Service Provider, 2021-22

Posted on 10/11/2021
Understand how the cloud service providers compare against each other in terms of capability, customer experience, and market impact.

Omdia Universe: Selecting an AIOps Solution, 2021-22

Posted on 7/2/2021
AI is becoming a significant part of many different activities IT perform. AIOps is the application of AI in the IT operational activities. This report assesses 11 of the leading solutions.

OMDIA Universe: Selecting a Hybrid and Multicloud Management Solution

Posted on 9/23/2020
The Omdia Universe report is not intended to advocate an individual vendor but rather to guide and inform the selection process to ensure all relevant options are considered and evaluated in an efficient manner.

Data Center Physical Infrastructure at the Edge - 2020

Posted on 12/24/2020
This analysis covers the edge computing physical infrastructure market with a focus on physical infrastructure hardware and software, use cases, emerging vendors, physical infrastructure designs for edge deployments.

Data Center Compute at the Edge - 2020

Posted on 8/13/2020
Provides a state of the edge computing market with a focus on edge compute hardware and software, use cases, emerging vendors, server designs for edge deployments, and forecasts for data center servers deployed at edge locations.